AlpacaClan Performance & Art

The Integration of Music, Art and Community.

Where art gallery and dance floor clash Everyone loves to dance, but what exactly does it take to be a top-notch aerialist, a striving figure, a veteran hooper or another set designer at a world-class event!?!

Surely there’s a secret to the success some performers have, right?

Many people see the iron focus or the myriad hours of practice, but beyond the halo effect brought on by headlights and lasers strong enough to beat a game a dozen miles away, there is a whole world that is only brave and Brave ones ever catch the chance to see.

That’s not for lack of trying, of course. In fact, the number of hopes trodden with each event grows longer and some come from more difficult origins than others-but in the end few have the wherewithal to get back up in the fall. You could even say it can fall a lot for a performer hoping to get professional before you can fly.

That doesn’t stop the imagery and allure of professional stage performance from being glamorous or stimulating.

Securing a place among the best requires a daily practice, the will to improve his craft and (I mustn’t say it) make a bit of sacrifice. Some contribute and still fail to achieve their dreams.
Performing is more than just a dance. It’s an interactive journey that inspires, entertains and fascinates through radical dramatic forms of expression.
Wear the face of trust, whether you’re confident or not. Embrace the unexpected. Improvising through an uncomfortable, unplanned performance moment can often create a better, more memorable and more connected experience for audiences. Do what you love without focusing on the money. Be an artist of life, and this river will be felt in the show.

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